Ah, coffee. It might be the very first thing you think about in the morning.
But what you don’t think about: all the waste that comes along with that kick of caffeine.

With an estimated average of 11 grams of fresh ground coffee going into each cup, around 381,000 tonnes of ground coffee are brewed every year, resulting in an estimated 500,000 tonnes of wet, waste coffee grounds.This is bad for the environment: decomposing coffee grounds release methane into the atmosphere; methane is the second-most abundant greenhouse gas and has a global warming potential up to 86 times greater than CO2.


We were intrigued by the idea of creating something new and lasting out of supposed waste, so we began experimenting with coffee grounds. Two years later, we had discovered a unique formula: recycled coffee grounds and renewable raw materials were transformed into a durable material to use for our coffee grounds accessories.


We collect used coffee grounds from selected cafes in Syros . Then the grounds are dried and preserved. The material is then compounded and shaped into various objects and accessories.


The raw material is 100 percent vegan, made from recycled coffee grounds.
It has a very pleasant feel to it and its hardness is equivalent to ceramic.
The rising consumption of coffee around the world is producing a growing amount of coffee grounds, most of which goes straight into the bin. This is where we come in: we reuse otherwise wasted resources as a raw material. The innovative material resulting from this is exceptionally durable. It finds its perfect second life for our coffee grounds accessories.


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