Why handcrafted wood accessories?
Wood is alive, smells , breathes and ages with you.
Wood is warm and makes every accessory unique.
It is also surprisingly light.
Wood helps tackle climate change.
It has real and measurable health and wellbeing benefits.
Last but not least, wood accessories are naturally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.


Please note: because of the unique qualities of wood, each accessory sold will not exactly match the color/grain of the ones shown, but we will do our best to ensure a close match.


Made in Greece. From 100% natural wood, with no stain and from sustainable wood sources.


Every creation is finished with soy wax and olive oil (100% vegan) which help prevent the wood from drying out while still keeping its natural feel.


wʊd | WOOD [noun] The hard fibrous material that forms the main substance of a tree or shrub. Often cut and used as timber or fuel.

This is a plain description. Reality is, of course, much bigger than just a few words put together. That’s because the material is alive. It has an odour. It breathes and ages with you, as does everything around us in this world. These are facts that the Mediterranean people understand because they are surrounded by nature and live at a different pace with her. We wanted to dismiss plain descriptions found in books that may distract us from the living material. With the wood combinations and designs we create, we want to satisfy most of the aesthetic demands. That’s because we believe that wooden accessories is not a luxury item, but an artifact that comes from good technique, attention to detail and care for the material and the final outcome. And this is something that everyone should be able to enjoy.

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